Bharatanatyamworld online shopping store provides all types of Indian classical dances costumes, dresses, temple jewellery, imitation temple jewellery , hair accessories and make-up items for all types of Indian dance forms. We are based in India, you can shop 24*7 online. We are specialized for Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Odissi, Kuchipudi dance costumes and temple jewellery. We also offer classical music CDs, Musical Instruments, Make Up accessories and dance props. The world over Bharatnatyam is one of India's most popular dances of performing arts. Whenever it comes to classical dance style, this form is the 1st choice amongst all the traditional Indian dance styles. The ethnic dance style of Bharatnatyam is one of the most sought after by the exponents and newcomers of Indian traditional dance forms. Bharatnatyam Dance Costumes : We are well aware of a customer's dilemma when customers plan for shopping of dance costumes such as Bharatnatyam and other types of dance costumes, some questions come to their minds. Where can I buy the best Bharatnatyam dance costumes? How to wear a Bharatnatyam dance dress and how many types of costumes are available in the shop? Where is the best shop of Bharatnatyam dance dresses? has been the first choice for its clients when it comes to the stitching, finishing and comfort level. You can even find your customized size, fabric, color and pattern with most reasonable prices. A proper Bharatnatyam Dance costume plays a major role to make this dance graceful and impressive. This costume includes dress, temple jewelry and make-up, etc. None of these contents can be left while thinking about Bharatnatyam dance style. We stitch all types of classical Indian dance costumes, Bharatanatyam dress, Kuchipudi costumes and readymade dance costumes and also stitch costumes on order & deliver anywhere in the world. You will see many different costumes for adults (Women, Men) and kids in our online shop. Bharatnatyam Costume : Just as other Indian dance costumes, Bharatanatyam costume also represents the history and tradition of the Tamil Nadu state from where it belongs to. The rich imperial colors of red, gold and yellow are used while selecting of the silk fabric for the costume. Embroidery manifested on the costumes belie a significance of the rich heritage and culture of the South Indian people. A proper Bharatnatyam Dance costume plays a big role to make this dance graceful and impressive. This costume includes dress, temple jewelry and make-up, etc. None of these contents can be left while thinking about Bharatnatyam dance form. Bharatnatyam Dance Dress : Bharatnatyam dress is mostly created in two styles. 1. The Skirt Style 2. The Pyjama Style. Other parts of Bharatnatyam dress is blouse as upper part, fan on the waist in small size, pallu draping over bosom. Long time back dance performers used to wear silk sarees, but along with time skirt and pyjama took its place for comfortable dance movements. These dresses are made by using silk and polyester fabrics in different colour combinations. Temple Jewellery : Jewellery!!! The thing which fascinates millions of men and women the world over and what can be said about Temple Jewellery. Simply enchanting! The aura and excitement which envelops the wearer of the Temple Jewellery with the most captivating power to propel one into the mystical charm of the centuries old Indian dance costumes and temple jewellery are worn to be believed. The impressive and graceful dances of Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi use Temple Jewellery as a major accompaniment. The dance costumes would be considered as incomplete bereft the temple jewellery. Temple jewellery can be segregated in different categories. The advent of Temple jewellery owes its origins to the traditional goldsmiths of the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu. Initially the jewellery was painstakingly crafted from solid gold as gold was not very costly in those days. The motifs and delicate filigree work done on them was indeed eye-catching and awesome. Then as the days went by and things started getting costlier so also did gold ornaments and also temple jewellery which followed suit, so variations in material which would be economical as well as fanciful and have a long shelf life were sought after. As a rich substitute, silver was used as a base metal and it was gold plated on top to give it that appeal which only gold can emit. Recent years saw the introduction of imitation jewellery as fashion conscious people needed a radical change in the designs and styles of temple jewellery. Nowadays imitation temple jewellery is also in vogue and much more affordable and extravagantly stylish. Copper is used as the base metal instead of silver and as this metal tends to be a bit brittle it is strongly advised to use it with gentle care. New innovations in temple jewellery can be witnessed in the form of fiberglass ornaments which are used in making belts, headgear and jadas. This new material is strong as well as easy to mould in the shapes of the temple jewellery. Imitation jewellery can also be seen in artificial pearls and stone jewellery as well as ethnic designed and antique styled jewellery. Do stop by as you surf the net for authentic and traditional Temple Jewellery for the exquisite dance styles of Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Oddisi and Kathak. We assure you of only the very best and current rage of costumes and jewellery of traditional Indian dance styles.